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The Kill Game
Expert Author Kathy Manney
The "Kill Game" is a romp of a police novel with its primary setting in Las Vegas, Nevada with a side trip to Northern Nevada, Idaho and Utah, all of which interesting to those familiar with these western states. The "Kill Game" is an easy summer read about a cold case Las Vegas murder that three retired Nevada police detectives accept after 22 years of no leads and closure. It is not an intense or heavy plot.
The three detectives, two male former partners and a female work well together in their effort to solve the old Las Vegas murder case. There is the mystery of finding clues in the cold case and a romance begins to blossom between two of the detectives, but nothing racy.
Even a person not in law enforcement will notice some improbable events and serious over sights when the case was fresh and think that investigators weren't trying very hard to work this. Then 22-years later, with a little bit of looking, things begin to quickly fall into place and the case is solved in a surprising twist.
The writer uses locations that those familiar with the community will recognize and be able to place themselves in some of those locations, such as the Bellagio Café, where the detectives often eat. There is also mention of professional casino poker tournaments. However, for readers who have spent very much time in Las Vegas, they will also note the lack of accuracy of some of the locations and other details related to the city. There are several mentions of the Las Vegas chief of police. Las Vegas does not have a chief of police. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force falls under the direction of the elected sheriff.
For those who do any amount of reading, they will note that the writer, while entertaining, does not write tight. There are strings of sentences filled with unnecessary words. Because of this, the book could likely be edited more and cut by three quarters and be a tighter less waste read. The "Kill Game" is entertaining enough that I would read the next in a series that this writer, Dean Wesley Smith, has written. But keeping in mind it is light reading and a good pick to take and read while traveling or anywhere where meaningful concentration is not available.

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