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The Ridge by John Rector
Expert Author Nancy Eaton
Megan began to wonder if she was losing her mind. Is everything real or just part of her imagination? Can she trust anyone is this town?
Megan and her husband Tyler move to Chicago where he has accepted a job at the Institute, a research center and must remain there at least for a year.
Megan is not very happy with the move and the strange neighborhood. Megan is convinced there is definitely something wrong in this neighborhood and she needs to find out what is happening. She believes that one of the neighbors, Rachel Addison, is trying to steal her husband. When Megan confronts Rachel everything goes awry. There was a terrible accident and Megan believes Rachel is dead. When she tells Tyler what happened, he goes to Rachel's house only to find her alive and well. Is Megan losing her mind?
Megan does become close with one of the neighbors but can she trust anyone in this town?
I read The Cold Kiss by John Rector and became an immediate fan of this writer. He just pulls you into the story and you keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. I wondered if it was just a coincidence with this one book or is John Rector that good of a writer. I decided to try another of his books - this one - The Ridge. It happened to me again. I was mesmerized throughout this book. I couldn't wait until I had time to sit down and read the next chapter.
The Ridge is an eerie, creepy story. It reminded me of stories on The Twilight Zone and many references are made to Stepford Wives. John Rector does an excellent job of keeping the readers guessing as to Megan's sanity. The reader is not sure what to believe or not to believe. Many of the people Megan met could be her friend - on the other hand, they could be her enemy. The ending is quite a surprise - something I did not expect. The author does a wonderful job with the characters because you don't know whom to believe. If you are looking for an intriguing book, The Ridge is the one for you. It never gets boring! Also for all of those science fiction readers out there, give this one a chance, because it sort of falls into the sci-fi category too. The ending also leaves it open to a possible sequel or maybe more than one sequel.

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